About Frenkenstein

  • The origin of Frenkenstein's logo is a broken sunshade handle that reminded me of a celtic dragon.
  • The basic knotwork of the dragon was done by hand.
  • Each element symbol is used in the dragon's pattern.

Nothing is so beautiful as nature.

The elements of nature form the most beautiful jewelry pieces, I just put them together. Collecting and working with natural material like shells, stone, or even beach glass ground myself in a fast-paced, industrial world; combining dozens of rings for maille jewelry is some kind of ZEN for me. To be able to build something unique with my hands makes me happy and gives me inner peace.

I was hesitant about a logo for some time until the handle of my sunshade broke off. The handle reminded me of some kind of Celtic dragon. That makes me think: The Celtic symbolism is much older than most other. It has been used in different cultures long before Christ and is mostly connected to nature. Maybe it was fate that the sunshade broke. I decided to take the handle as symbol and logo for Frenkenstein.

Take the treasures made from wind, earth fire, and the sea with you – every day, everywhere!