Japanese Cross Bracelet Tutorial

Recently, I have postet a German tutorial for a japanese cross chainmaille bracelet. I decided to publish the tutorial here as well. It is som kind of documentation of the single steps I tak during making a japanese cross bracelet. The rings were ordered from the Blue Buddha Boutique (B3) in the USA. Matching ring sizes are offered […]

Hodo (Sidewalk) Copper Bracelet

Solid copper hodo chainmaille bracelet. Hodo combines the Japanese 4-in-1 and the 8-in-1 technologies. The result is a complex pattern of alternating large and small rings. The pattern was developed by Rebeca Mojica, an American chainmaille artist who has been inspired by a tiled sidewalk with a pattern of squares and octagons. Hodo is the […]

Beach Glass Pendant

Pendant made from copper wire and collected beach glass from Demark’s west coast. The intertwining pattern reminds of the Celts. In the sunlight, the photo visualizes the continuation of the wave pattern on the back of the pendant.